Welcome to “Your Chauffeur Service”, an opulent chauffeur service offering company active in the Australian cities like Melbourne, Victoria, and many of the surrounding suburbs. Hire your luxurious chauffeur taxi service with us and ride along with chauffeurs that are professional, experiences and stylish enough to match your standards. We offer Airport Transfer, Corporate Transport, Private Day Trip Services, etc for any occasion. We simply stand for “Cars for special occasions”. No matter what occasion you are going for, whether an event or a wedding, tours or parties, we offer cars that suit your event, your social status and your mood too. Our rides range from People movers to Limousines, you get the car that you want to ride in. All you have to do is book chauffeur services with us and enjoy the luxury on the wheel.

Ride Flexibility

You can Book, Schedule or Cancel the rides anytime from your mobile phone itself.

Relax with 1 hour complimentary wait time for airport pickups, plus chauffeurs use flight tracking so you don’t waste time waiting.

What Do We Offer?

In a nutshell, to speak the least, we would say we offer luxury. Well, to elaborate on what we offer, we would request you to have a look at our list of services. First it important that we acknowledge that it is quite a task to find a suburb to suburb ride at the time you prefer and at the standard you like. In cities like Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, if you want to travel you get two options, either bus or a taxi. Well, we should say, you get a bus after quite a long wait and taxi that may or may not arrive. Therefore, we offer a solution to save your time and efforts both. We ensure you that with our chauffeur taxi service; you will get a hiccup-free ride from a city to another, you can as well hire us for a city tour itself. We also keep in touch with international partners as well, to make your business trips through the world smooth and reliable. We can connect you with a limousine service in Dubai or with a taxi in New York and make our service a nonstop adventure for you. No matter if you go for a wedding, an event or a day trip, we offer chauffeur driver service for every occasion.

Special Cars for Special Occasion

Our specialty is Chauffeur Cars for Special Occasion. Yes, we offer cars for all the special occasions you may need some wheels. No matter if it a wedding or business oriented meet-up, no matter if it is a conference or an award’s function, we get you the lavish cars where you feel like an owner of this luxury and the best thing is your ride along with chauffeur. Irrespective of the genre of your event, we offer the opulent cars like a limousine, Audi Q-series, Mercedes E-series, etc. We even offer you luxury Chauffeur Cars for Special Occasion like a sports day. We escort you to your Horse racing event in a royal escort ride like Rolls Royce or a Range Rover. Yes, we take care of the standard of your even and we make sure our cars enhance your status as well. Read more

Reliable professionals

Discover peace of mind with a licensed, insured, and regulated professional chauffeur behind the wheel.