Seamless Airport Transfer Chauffeur Services:

Getting right on time to the airport is quite challenging in the rush of suburbs of Australia like Melbourne, Victoria. The traffic and hectic lifestyle often leaves you late for the flight or even if you leave really early, then you might just end up reaching the airport hours before the flight. You will not want either of that, right? Then opt for our airport transfer services at Chauffeur Service in Melbourne. We offer excellently seamless airport rides, in which our chauffeur keeps a track of your flight on his mobile device. Therefore, to drop you at the airport on time, our chauffeur manages the car speed, takes different suitable routes, etc. We also offer 1 hour of complimentary waiting time in the car, in case your flight is further delayed when you reach the destination.

This is a two-way service; you can book your luxurious ride from the airport to hotel/home or vice versa. Our airport ride services are specially customized according to the customer’s needs. If you want your Chauffeur to hold a name placard for you when you arrive, you get that. If you want your chauffeur to carry your luggage, you get that. If you want your chauffeur to get your door, consider it done. We make sure that your airport ride is smooth, opulent and hassle-free with our Airport service.

Corporate Chauffeur Services:

The corporate world is full of professionals and living standards up to the notch. Everyone wants to maintain a standard lifestyle at the office and in such cases, traveling by bus or a taxi seems misfit. The corporate life itself is quite hectic to the people, which every employee is in a rush to reach offices at the correct possible time. Therefore, to help you with such issues, we offer corporate chauffeur services.

In these services, we collaborate with the companies no matter if they are large scale, small scale or medium scale. We offer office vans, cars and limousine services for the employees and officials. In this service, we take time to understand the organizational structure of our client companies. We offer then travel source that too rides along with chauffeur service for over 500 to 1000 employees of one company. Our chauffeurs have globally ensured driving license and proper security training so that they take care of passenger safety. This saves you and your peer’s efforts to search “Taxi service near me” every day. All you have to do is finish your work and sit in the company a company assured taxi or bus to ride back home. Even if the services are business-oriented in the corporate sector, we maintain the same luxury as the private chauffeur car.

Chauffeur Cars for Special Occasion:

Day after another we have to go for an event or maybe a special occasion, well, we hardly own cars that are suitable for everything. Perhaps an economy family car would not be suitable for a lavish wedding event or perhaps a sedan would not fit the whole family for a sports day out. We all need some extra help with cars when it comes to maintaining occasional car requirements. That is where our Chauffeur Cars for Special Occasion service comes handy to you. We offer a just-right service for your event-oriented needs. No matter if you are going to a wedding or maybe an award show, we have got suitable cars for all of your days and nights. We take care of the comfort and status of our customers, which is why we have only luxury cars on our fleet. We give you the privilege of having an after marriage ride in an Audi Q or a Mercedes Benz.

We get you to your Horse racing event in a Range Rover and maybe to your award show in a Limousine. We make sure we maintain the status of our customers, and therefore, we ensure that all the cars on our fleet are prestige cars that too with high maintenance and comfort to the customers. With our Chauffeur Cars for Special Occasion services, we ensure you that your reputation at your special occasion will absolutely be maintained by our well-mannered and excellently trained chauffeurs. Therefore, if you are looking for Chauffeur Cars for Special Occasion, then please feel free to contact us.

Our Specialties:

We set our chauffeur car services in a customer-centric manner. The special services that we offer as follows:

24×7 Customer Assistance:

Discover peace of mind with a licensed, insured, and regulated professional chauffeur behind the wheel.

Luxury wheels on service:

Here we mean the luxury cars we offer. We have been providing our opulent car service with brands like Audi, BMW, Holden, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, etc. The cars we ride are BMW 7 Series, Caprice, E200k, S Class, S320, etc. Limousine, luxury, minibuses, people movers and vans

Customized passenger occupancy:

No matter if you are on a solo trip or a group one. We offer 1-4, 1-5, 6 and 8 passenger occupancy options

Change the way you travel

Catching a flight or hopping between meetings? Pre-book your chauffeur to enjoy your moment of calm on the road.

Just think, after a long-haul flight, there’s no waiting for a taxi or getting lost in the airport — your chauffeur is there waiting.

Calm washes over you when you spot your chauffeur, personalized pickup sign in-hand, ready to whisk you to your destination.